Fall Fashion: What’s Trending This Season



Matching Sets:

As we head into the colder part of the year, matching sweats are being worn by many ages because of the effortless comfort they have. Commonly worn by students and people doing day to day activities, these sets are perfect for anyone. Available in different silhouettes and colors, the wearer can be both stylish and comfortable.

As another staple, jeans are continuing their popularity among men and women for their comfort and versatility. With Year 2000 (Y2K) continuing to bring older fashion back into the spotlight, low and mid rise jeans are becoming trendier for women, although high rise jeans are continuing to be the most popular. For men on the other hand, high rise jeans are trending with baggier and not ripped styles.



Crewnecks are popular again with the return of the cooler fall and winter seasons. Mostly as basics with colors including white, beige, gray, and black, these sweatshirts are perfect for everyone when shopping, going to school, lounging around at home, and more.

Corduroy Pants:

Available in many different colors, this trend can be seen all over popular clothing stores like Hollister and American Eagle. Seen in colors including pinks, greens, neutrals, and more, these pants add a unique element to outfits in the place of jeans. Especially for the upcoming colder weather, this material is good for staying warm.


Doctor (Doc) Martens Boots:

These particular combat boots have become a trend in recent autumns with the popularization of the 1990s and previous decades. Most popular in their black and white color palettes, they are seen mostly in this 2022 season because of their versatility within different aesthetics. Best known for their durability and high quality, Doctor Martens have become a staple for many.


Sold in both regular and platform styles, the resurgence of Converse is happening because of the emphasis on 90s fashion in recent years. With its ability to work with any season, they are more affordable than Doc Martens and are a great way to add more trendy basics into your wardrobe. Regardless of low top or high top, many people also wear them because of their comfort.


Tote Bags:

Following the summer season, tote bags are continuing to be worn with pins and keychains. Some people paint theirs as well, adding different patterns, quotes, and symbols. With its ability to match almost anything, they are popularly worn to carry school supplies and everyday items when going out.

Claw Clips:
Another accessory following the return of the 90s is claw clips, which have become increasingly popular with their different patterns, shapes, and sizes. Most commonly seen in its original style, flowers and butterfly shapes are sold often in popular stores as well.