Basketball Requires The Most Skill


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Steph Curry shoots threes for his Golden State Warriors team.

Craig Turner, Contributor

The sport of basketball requires the most skill to play out of any other sport in the world. To have the ability to dribble a basketball with full control while running at full speed and be able to make a move, and shoot the ball and make the basket consistently is extremely hard. You can’t put someone in the sport of basketball who has never played before and expect them to be successful as you can for football, soccer or wrestling. For example, if you took a NFL player and put him in the NBA he would most likely not be successful because of the amount of skill the sport involves.

Many NBA players have been playing the sport since they were five years old, sometimes younger. In many other sports like football, athletes will not start until high school and sometimes even college. Since football requires so little skill compared to basketball, athletes are able to do this.

Many basketball players train for hours multiple times a day because this sport requires so much skill. For example here is a story from Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade, “Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade recounted a hilarious story to ESPN’s Michael Wallace about the 2008 Olympics. They said Kobe was up at the crack of dawn working out while everyone was sleeping. “We’re in Las Vegas and we all come down for team breakfast at the start of the whole training camp,” Bosh said. “And Kobe comes in with ice on his knees and with his trainers and stuff. He’s got sweat drenched through his workout gear. And I’m like, ‘It’s 8 o’clock in the morning, man. Where in the hell is he coming from?”

Wade added, “Everybody else just woke up… We’re all yawning, and he’s already three hours and a full workout into his day.’ “.  Kobe Bryant is one example of a NBA player who had to put in an extreme amount of time to be successful and how much time is actually take to get enough skill to be successful in the NBA. Imagine trying to get around a defender who is anywhere from 6’3 – 7’0 in height and is very athletic. Now imagine if u can manage to get around them trying to score a basketball with them chasing after you trying to block your shot. Wouldn’t you agree that is a very difficult thing to do?

Of course you would.