The Evolution of Wayne


courtesy of Wayne Reynolds

Wayne dressed to impress for a dance!

Wayne Reynolds, Contributor

Salutations, Cinnaminson students. I am going to quickly divert your attention from whatever homework or class work you’re doing because, let’s be honest, you’re probably on your phone anyways.

My name is Wayne Reynolds. Some of you may know me is Purple Wayne. Others know me as the kid who’s probably laughing too loud and wishing he shut up.  I’ve heard it both ways.  I’d like to think that I’ve grown from when I first stepped through those doors two years ago, literally and figuratively.

I mean moving is such a big change, and I’m usually not a fan of it. But I have to admit that this school did change me for the better.  When I first got here I was completely anti-social. I usually kept to myself, listened to my own music or had my head in a book.  I think it was so bad that nobody but the teachers actually knew my name until  December or January of my first year. I remember feeling so awkward during the pep rally so I just read a book and practically ignored the entire thing.

In hindsight, this was probably not my proudest moment, but to be fair, it was a really good book.

Going forward, his blog will mostly consist of anime, sci-fi, video games and all kind of things that I enjoy and some cool topics.


I also love books. I’m a book fanatic; like I seriously think I have a problem; a problem I don’t have any intention on fixing.


Maybe you guys can introduce me to somethings and vice versa, it would be pretty interesting to see what you guys are interested in.

Though usually I am a fan of Sci-Fi, fiction/fantasy, with humor and mystery sooo… if you can find me some new books with those requirements we can be best friends.


Either way, this will be a great experience and I can’t wait. Till the next time.