Bike Tricks Are A Fun, But Skilled, Activity

Popping Wheelies Is a Regular Sight Anymore.

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Popping Wheelies Is a Regular Sight Anymore.

Ron Errigo, Contributor

Bicycle gangs like one way takeover have now began to take the streets in philly. Bike companies like Se Racing  have been making wheelie bikes since 1970 according to their website, but wheelying has become the new fad. You will now see many kids riding the new BMX bikes with 26-inch tires on the street riding and doing tricks.

While watching some think to wheelie a bike is an easy skill but really it is something that can take weeks to learn. While the kids and adults on these bikes are just having fun, people in cars are raging at them for riding in streets and blocking roads.

The problems are beginning to be solved by the bike rideouts of big groups being escorted by police to keep everyone safe. Bikes have become a big hobby in a lot of people’s lives and now a part of mine. Learning to wheelie is just the beginning.

As the bikes used have progressed so has the skill of the riders. They now do tricks during wheelies on pegs and various tricks. Now kids take part in customizing their bikes with tires and grips. I actually have my own wheelie bike used for me and my friends to ride around town, for tricks and inviting people to ride with us.  I am now customizing my bike and putting different parts on it for better performance. Learning the tricks are hard but I’m getting there.