Be Aware – Mother Earth’s Gone Mental!


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The damage to Florida from Hurricane Irma has claimed at least 76 lives thus far

Sara Mayerberg, Contributor

Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and Wildfires are or have covered the United States in the past few weeks. The west coast states of California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming have suffered through never-ending wildfires. The amount of land and buildings destroyed is appalling.

In Montana, they’ve experienced the worst wildfire season they’ve ever had. In this summer alone, over a million acres have burned. As of September 7, the National Interagency Fire Center displayed that the state had 21 active wildfires, covering about 438,000 acres. In Oregon, about 526,000 acres have burned this summer, which is more than their 10 year average of 469,552 acres. These are just the fires that have spread over 2 states. The remaining 7 states bring the total to around 6 million acres, higher than the average year, let alone fire season.

In the Gulf Coast, there have been two historically-damaging hurricanes that have made landfall, and there are more forming and on the way. Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and parts of Louisiana, and tore up the majority of the state. The reason it was so damaging was the fact that it went back out to sea and returned to land three times before officially leaving and dispersing. It killed at least 70 people, and caused $70 billion in damages. Thousands of people and animals have become homeless due to the flood and wind damage. Hurricane Irma has killed, as of right now, at least 73 people according to and has caused $30 billion in damages.

Earthquakes have shaken different parts of the 50 US states, and all at different magnitudes. Oklahoma has suffered a 4.3 magnitude earthquake as of September 7th. In Idaho alone, they have suffered through over 200 earthquakes ranging from a magnitude of a 4.9 to the largest one being a 5.3. These have all occurred within 10 days, starting September 2. Even though America has seen it’s fair share of earthquakes in the past month, Mexico had a hard hit when an 8.1 earthquake rang out on September 8 at 1 a.m., and was followed by numerous tremors.