Don’t Be Fooled – The Phillies Are A Disgrace!


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Philadelphia Phillies

Liam Wharton, Contributor

The 2017 Philadelphia Phillies are easily one of the biggest embarrassments in Philadelphia Sports history. Philadelphia is listed as the sixth biggest city for sports city in the entire nation, yet they produce such a humiliation of a team out onto the field. The Philadelphia Phillies have just recently made a 25year deal worth $2.5 billion, but the Phillies’ General Manager Matt Klentak has the audacity to put a disgrace on the baseball field.

Philadelphia is listed as the fifth biggest city in America. Although this city has such a big sports franchise, the Philadelphia Phillies never cease to amaze me on how mediocre their team has been since winning the 2008 World Series.

In the recent past seasons the Phils have had multiple rough seasons in these last five years. The Phillies have also not had a record above .500 since 2011. In seasons prior to that season, the Phils have managed to go: 73-89, 71-91, and an atrocious recent record in 2015 of 63-99. With the 2017 season still remaining the Phillies have a record of 62-95. With 19 games still to play the Phillies are on track for their worst season yet in the 21st century.

Surprisingly, the Phillies made the most amount of money over any other Major League Baseball team in America. The Phillies’ profited approximately $87.7 million outweighing the second place Chicago Cubs by almost $4 million.

In addition, John Middleton, principal owner of the Philadelphia Phillies, is worth $2.9 billion and has pledged to use his financial wealth to help out the Phillies. It is evident by these past terrible seasons, John Middleton has not done so.  So there is absolutely no excuse for the Phillies to have such a garbage team placed on the baseball field. Clearly, the 2017 Phillies have all the money to become such a stellar team, but yet they produce a mediocre team at the absolute best.