The Sinner is the Best Show on Television!


Courtesy of USA TV

USA TV's Show "The Sinner"

Nasirah Calloway, Staff Writer

The Sinner has to be the best television show in 2017. From the weird dude who wears a mask all the time to one of the characters having a very…uh…DIFFERENT fetish to religion kind of being portrayed as a cult? By now, I’m sure you are thoroughly confused. Therefore, I’ll explain myself.

If you plan on watching this show I suggest you stop reading this because there WILL be spoilers ahead.

The Sinner is the BEST show in the world. It’s about a girl who murders a man because he plays this song at the beach that triggers her memory of something that happened in her past. However, she doesn’t know WHAT happened in her past so she pleads guilty for the murder thinking she’s just insane.

By the way, I’m on the fifth episode and already a lot has happened. Okay back to the point- Her
detective/cop (weird fetish dude) becomes interested in her case because the main character, named Cora, says she doesn’t know why and even stranger, pleads guilty twice for the murder.

And, Cora has crazy flashbacks and nightmares that hint at what happened in her past.  One of her first flashbacks in the show was her living with her parents and her sister was really sick. Her mom used to blame Cora for Cora’s sister being sick and Cora would always have to get on her knees and apologize. Also, her parents are very strict Christians who cannot talk or even think about sexual intercourse.

Not only that, they have to pray to a creepy, wooden Jesus every single day. And, for some reason Cora isn’t allowed to eat chocolate or else she would somehow die? Not that she’s allergic to chocolate or anything but in some crazy way she’ll just flat out die. Clearly, Cora was mentally abused.

Her next flashback was of this guy and this girl torturing her. And, once again they’re playing that music.

Another flashback occurs on a school bus racing past Cora as a child. I’m sure it’s Cora’s school bus. Then, later in the season, they find a dead body next to a broken down school bus (the same school bus in Cora’s flashback). Surprise, surprise, the dead body is the blonde girl that appeared in one of her flashbacks torturing her. So, yeah, hat’s what happened so far. There’s been so many twists and turns. It’s absolutely mind-boggling. And what really interests me about this show is the constant question of Why? Why do they play that music? Why does Cora kill that man at the beach and plead guilty twice for it? Why does it seem like Cora’s parents are turning their Christianity into a mini cult? Why… Why… Why?

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