CHS Welcomes Back Alumna as New Art Teacher

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Photo courtesy of Ms. Treharne

Among CHS’s newest staff members this school year is Ms. Sarah Treharne, an art teacher.  Treharne, an alumna of CHS, was offered the job at the high school after Mrs. DePietro recommended that she apply for the position. During the pandemic, DePietro and Treharne had co-taught together. 

“She stayed home and I taught here, that was kind of my foot in the door,” Treharne said. 

When the pandemic subsided, there was a job opening for a new art teacher. DePietro suggested Treharne should work at the school, since she already had a feel for it and what to expect during the year. 

As a teacher at her alma mater, Treharne said that while the physical building has changed since she went to high school here, the feeling of it remains the same. 

“You can connect what you were experiencing yourself when you were that age group,” Treharne said. “I loved being in the art room [then], I love being in the art room now.” 

Art has always been a part of Treharne’s life. She previously taught art history at Rowan College at Burlington County and was a teacher assistant at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. 

“But now high school-wise this is the only place I have taught so far,” Treharne said. 

Whether it is at school or at home, Treharne said that art has always been there for her, which is why she decided to pursue a career in it. As a student, it was the class she would look forward to and as an artist, she explained how art can open up one’s mind and make one more empathetic.

“I really like information and how we share information and that is what opens your mind,” Treharne said. “Some people are closed mind thinkers, but I think art can open that up for you –  it doesn’t matter if you are going into science, if you are going into math, reading, writing etc. If you can think in a creative way, you can be more open to everything. Whether it is how you are making something, how you are problem solving, who you are talking to, that can influence it.” 

Based on her own experiences, Treharne described how art can help someone grow as a person.

“Learning how to think differently is what helped me grow as a person,” Treharne said. “Whether it is something I am reading, if it is something I am looking at, you are looking at art too. You are starting to think about other people’s perspectives and that brings empathy in, and I think empathy is a huge thing that the world needs more of.” 

While credits in art are necessary for graduation, Treharne said she wants students to enjoy their time in her class. She said she hopes her classroom is a safe and comfortable space for students where they feel like they belong. 

“If they have a nice time in class, that is all that matters,” Treharne said. “For them to relax, [and] make art.”