Cheer Team Welcomes New JV Squad

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Photo courtesy of Kalleigh Trost.

With the CHS Cheer team graduating 10 seniors in the 2022-2023 season, senior captain Erin Clark described her mindset going into the fall season. 

“I just want to make their experience fun and stress free,” Clark said. “So I just want everyone to have fun and support each other.”

Ms. Kimberly Kramer, head coach, said she enjoys seeing the transformation of her team from freshman year to senior year. 

“I would say I always really look forward to seeing who I’m going to have step out as leaders, and who’s going to end up being the captains for their senior year,” Kramer said. 

The captains this season were Erin Clark, Ava Cartony, and Morgan Daniels.  Clark expressed how she loves being the role model on the team.

“I love being the role model for the girls to look up to, and to be personable with them if they have any questions,” Clark said.

While the season recently concluded with the football team’s loss against Haddonfield on Friday night, one of their goals this season was to learn and perfect stunts. 

“With the cheerleaders it has been going really well, we have been working really hard on improving a lot of our skills and learning new stunts and pyramids,” Kramer said. 

A new aspect about this season is that there are two teams. In addition to the varsity team, there is also a JV team this year. Kramer said she is excited about the accomplishment. 

“This is the first time in my seven years of coaching that we’ve had a JV cheerleading team,” Kramer said. 

This is also the team’s first “normal” year in three years. For the seniors on the team, this meant that they were finally able to fully experience what a real season is like. 

“It’s nice to be able to be totally back to normal and try to practice new things without having to practice outside,” Kramer said. 

Despite the challenges that come with the season, Clark emphasizes how they always find a way to overcome them. 

“There are challenges with specific stunts because sometimes it is hard for all of us to work together to get the stunt to hit, but we always encourage each other, which is good, and if it doesn’t work we always try again and eventually get it,” Clark said.