CHS Adds New Teacher to Math Department

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Photo courtesy of Ms. Gibbs

Miss Erin Gibbs was welcomed as a new staff member this school year to fill the position of Ms. Kramer, who recently became a CHS school counselor. 

Although Gibbs said her favorite math course is Pre-Calculus, she is currently teaching Geometry and Algebra 2, which are the fundamentals of Pre-Calc.

“I love that I get the best of both worlds from Pre-Calc,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs said her love for math stemmed from taking different math classes throughout her high school career. After high school, she attended  Rowan University and went on to graduate with a double major degree in mathematics and education. She said she also minored in computer science. 

“In elementary school, math was my worst subject, and I hated it… and then for some reason, I had a really amazing teacher in middle school who helped me and made me feel more confident,” Gibbs said. “When I got to high school, my algebra one teacher was the reason I actually fell in love with math and that’s when I decided I wanted to become a math teacher.” 

Initially Gibbs said she worked at an elementary school as a basic math skills teacher. However, she said she was ready for a change.

“As much as I love doing that, I really wanted to teach high school math,” Gibbs said. 

Before coming to CHS, Gibbs worked in the Bridgeton School District where she taught multiple subjects. However, Gibbs said that became too far of a commute, so when the opportunity to work at CHS presented itself, she took it.

“It’s very different,” she said about her former district. “It’s a very urban district.” 

She said she has heard amazing things about the high school’s spirit and is ready to see what Spirit Week is like.

“I went to Eastern Regional and we had huge school spirit and that was some of my favorite memories from when I went to high school, so I’m looking forward to experiencing that again,” Gibbs said.