Girls’ Cross Country wins the Divisional Title for 7th Year in a Row


The girls’ XC team smiles after their senior night last home meet. (photo courtesy of the girls cross country team)

The Cinnaminson High School Girls Cross Country team finished off the 2021 regular season 15-1 and are division champions. 

According to Coach Timothy Callinan, the team’s recent move from the Central Section to the South Central Section of the league has benefitted the team. 

 “It benefits the girls because they have a better opportunity to make the state meet, plus it’s nice to be able to compete at the sectional level against teams we see throughout the season,” Coach Callinan said.

Every two years the sections get reevaluated by the state, and teams may switch around from sections, which are based on school size and school location. Most times teams stay in the same section, but this year the Pirates were moved from Central to South, opening a broader opportunity for the girls to make the state meet. 

Coach Callinan enjoys his role as head coach, which he has held for six years.

The girls smile before racing at the South Jersey Open at Dream Park. (photo courtesy of the girls xc team)

“My favorite part of coaching is getting to see people push themselves and grow as athletes,” Coach Callinan said.

Callinan was a good athlete himself. He ran in college for Widener University and was a state champion in high school. He prides himself in producing elite athletes out of the cross country program, one of which is current junior Stephanie Renouf. Renouf is a top runner in South Jersey, as she has won four races this season and ranks fifth in the South section.

The girls team is currently led by two seniors: Payton Stavalone and Grace Coller. Stavalone said she enjoys the challenge of a good race. 

“Racing against myself and the environment are my favorite things about cross country,” Stavalone said.

Success can also come with fun. The girls like to have fun while they compete, which has created a strong camaraderie among the girls.  

The seniors on this team play a role in the Pirates’ success and are viewed as mentors by the underclassmen. 

Junior Stephanie Renouf and Senior Grace Coller run on their home course at CHS. (photo courtesy of the girls cross country team)

“I think that the seniors have mentored me a lot, they’ve kind of guided me through the sport,” sophomore Madison Willers said. “They have a lot of experience behind them, and I think that they just use their wisdom and pass it on.” 

The team’s chemistry and leadership have also contributed to the Pirates’ success.  

“I think from my freshman year, I’ve learned a lot. I think that freshman year, I didn’t really know the challenges of the sport, and the difference between middle school and high school,” Willers said. “I think that I did grow a lot, and I gained more experience than the year before.” 

The Pirates ran well at the South Jersey Open held at Dream Park on Saturday Oct. 9th. Junior Stephanie Renouf won her fourth race and with it, dropped a PR in the 5k, with a time of 19:31. 

Senior Grace Coller also continued her solid season with a time of 20:29 and placed fourth, as the duo went 1, 4. Renouf and Coller placed 1st and 2nd respectively at the BCSL Divisional meet at New Egypt on October 21st; this helped the Pirates win a narrow victory over Bordentown, 28-29, earning them 1st place as a team. These two look to guide the Pirates through their championship season and hope to finish with success.