Spirit Week Preview: Pep Rally Games to be Held Over Spring Break


Isabella Korbal

To kick off spirit week, the games that are typically held at pep rally in the fall will now take place over spring break. Each event will be filmed at CHS on Monday, April 5 and will be viewed when students return from break during an extended lunch period on Friday, April 16.

Most of the events will be the same as previous years such as the familiar favorites like tug of war, limbo, and knockout, and few new events have even been added like the egg toss and pie eating contest. Participants were chosen by class officers and will “compete” over break while following the typical Covid protocols. 

The week after spring break, students will participate in the traditional “spirit days.” Each day will follow the overall theme of “COVID Can’t Break Our Spirit,” with Covid-related theme days starting on Monday, April 12, and ending with class color day on Friday. In lieu of hall decorating, this year each class will create a mural based off of the spirit week theme.