CHS E-Sports team soars above competition as senior Jamir Foy rises to #1 spot in NBA 2K21


Daniel Terifay

In the last couple of weeks, the Cinnaminson E-Sports team has seen fantastic talent rise to the top of the ranks on the East Coast. Brothers Jamir and Zion Foy torched the competition in their latest set of matches with a combined win total of seven wins and an 87% win percentage. 

Jamir, a senior, has stormed the ranks of the 2K e-sports scene and plans to use this as motivation for later tournaments in the future. Jamir discussed his start with NBA 2K and how the idea of joining the e-sports team gained traction. 

“I would usually play with my brother casually, but I never took it seriously until I heard of e-sports…” Jamir said. 

After learning about e-sports, he climbed the ranks in the league and is known as one of the most dominant players so far according to his coach, Mr. Faltz. 

However, when it comes to his growth and accomplishments this season, Jamir is modest

“As far as being top 3 in the East Coast, I always used it as motivation to be number 1 and the best.” 

While playing 2K, you have to master a specific team and play up to its strengths. Jamir prefers to go with the Los Angeles Lakers or the Milwaukee Bucks when playing to get an edge on his opponents. 

E-sports coach and club advisor, Mr. Faltz, helped develop the CHS club with the help of an unlikely hero.

“A kid named Brandon Wixted, or who we refer to him as ‘Godfather of Cinnaminson E-Sports,’ he went up to me with five other people and pitched the idea, and the rest was history.” 

The CHS E-Sports community now has over 25 participants in the league and participation is only on the rise.

During the trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr. Faltz says his team relies on an app to help them communicate with one another. 

“Discord has and always will be the easiest way to communicate while in meets with other teams.” 

Discord is a communications app that does not require phone numbers to communicate. According to Mr. Faltz, Discord is a “pioneer app of the gaming community.” The app has seen a surge in downloads since quarantine. 

E-sports strives to maintain that it does not matter who you are. E-sports has a consistent and level playing field for everyone. The future is bright for the Pirates E-sports team, and the sky’s the limit for all of the players involved.