Tardy Teachers to Receive Similar In-School Suspension Penalties as Students

Kyle Trivits
The new teacher's ISS room will be located in F120 in the back hall of CHS. Look for its debut on April 1.

Lynette Mariano, Staff Writer

After several teachers at Cinnaminson High School have arrived late to multiple class periods by at least a minute in the past month, new CHS Principal Mr. Gorman has struck back, declaring that teachers should receive in-school-suspension for tardiness, similar to the students.

“If students show up late, they waste their teacher’s precious time and work, and in turn they must face the fair consequences,” states Mr. Gorman. “In the same way, when a teacher shows up a minute – or even a second late – they are delaying students’ education, and are jeopardizing the future of our nation.”

While a student in ISS must have their phones taken away – a typical source of distractions and cheating – and face the classwork or homework they have failed to complete, teachers in ISS will either sit in silence and contemplate their poor decisions, without time to complete their class plans and grading, or be forced to look at the social medias that they criticize their students for using.  At the end of ISS, teachers are required to have met a certain “follow-for-follow” quota after spending hours scrolling through Instagram.

“(Mr.) Gorman told us all at the meeting that if we put off the kids’ learning time, then he’ll put off our work time that could be completed in ISS.  I could be getting so much done within that time span, and it’s either I shut my mouth and listen to the clock ticking and go insane, or I have to look at the monstrosity of Tik-Toks and Vines that this generation has made,” continued Mr. McConnell. “It just makes no sense.”

Students seem to be content with the news, as it appears to be fair for both parties in education.

“I mean if they delay their time that they could use for class plans, then they’d be delaying our learning either way, whether they are late or don’t have their time managed out for the next week,” states senior Richard Nichols. “It’s almost like how if you get caught skipping school, you get kicked out to skip more school, but you’re meant to miss class as punishment. Way to go CHS – am I right? I love their logic.”

The rules that have applied to students will begin to apply as of April 1st of this year, and if you believe this, there is a bridge for sale in New York City.