Mrs. O’Hearn and Mrs. Regan to Join Mr. Weber in Retirement

courtesy of The Buccaneer
Mrs. O'Hearn retires after nearly 20 years at CHS.

Matt Stavalone, Editor-in-Chief

As yet another school year draws to a close, and the people of CHS bid farewell to the graduating senior class, they will also say goodbye to Mr. Weber, Mrs. O’Hearn, and Mrs. Anne Marie Regan.

Mr. Weber, who was the school’s Athletic Director for 18 years, left after Winter Break ended. He came to Cinnaminson in the 2000-01 school year after coaching basketball at Delran and serving as the Athletic Director at Winslow Township for a time and he kept the high standard of CHS athletics up to the high standards set during the early 1990s. During his time as the Athletic Director, Cinnaminson has brought home multiple Sectional Championships, with Girls’ Soccer being the most recent in 2017, and a state championship in 2013, thanks to the Boys’ Baseball team.

While Mr. Weber was not available for discussion, newly named athletic director Jason Meile was able to reflect on Mr. Weber’s time in Cinnaminson and how hard it is to lose a tenured man such as him.

“I recently spoke with Mr. Weber at the boy’s baseball playoff game. He’s doing very well. It’s nice to learn under a man such as Mr. Weber, and he has kind of showed me the ins and outs of this job. But losing him, especially in the middle of the year, hurts because we just had to kind of pick up where he left off. But, yeah, he certainly enjoyed his time in Cinnaminson, and he said he misses it.”

While catching up with Mr. Weber, Mr. Meile was able to find out that Mr. Weber is living his dream in Ocean City with his family. “Yeah, when I caught up with him, he said he’s doing well down in Ocean City. He’s happy down at his shore house while relaxing.” While there wasn’t anything else released that Mr. Meile said, it seems that Mr. Weber is enjoying his retirement down in Ocean City.

Mrs. O’Hearn was a literature teacher for 19 years and the head of the Amaranth Club for a majority of that time. During her time at CHS, Mrs. O’Hearn enjoyed being able to teach students every day and constantly working with the Amaranth Club day in and day out. “My time at Cinnaminson was rich and rewarding. Sometimes it was fun, and sometimes it was challenging. But overall, a great career experience.”

While she did enjoy her time here at Cinnaminson, Mrs. O’Hearn knew that it was time to leave. “I guess it just makes itself known. I just realized that it was time for me to move on to something else.”

After her time comes up in Cinnaminson, Mrs. O’Hearn plans to pursue her career in literature, along with traveling and writing. “I knew you were going to ask me that. I have a lot of ideas. New experiences. Perhaps ways to incorporate my love of language and literature. I also hope to travel, relax, and write.”

Mrs. Regan, who has been a special education teacher for __ years, will be the last of the three saying goodbye to CHS. Besides helping out students on a daily basis, she believes that her favorite part of CHS was the friendships that she built with the people she worked with, and will miss those the most. However, she won’t miss the long days filled with grading, observing, and being in school on days of standardized tests.

When asked on why she decided to retire, she said that age was the primary reason. “I think I knew that it was just time to retire. I’ve enjoyed everything about Cinnaminson for my entire career here, but I think it’s just time to call it a teaching career, and start traveling.

After finishing out her career at CHS, Mrs. Regan hopes to relax and travel for a while. When asked about her future plans, Mrs. Regan laughed as she said this: “Hopefully I can just relax and travel. There’s been too many stressful days, and I just want to spend my retirement relaxing, with no stress.”

Mrs. Regan had a good word to put in on Cinnaminson when she was asked about her time here. “I really enjoyed Cinnaminson. The people here are super nice and I’m glad to have shared some memorable moments with these people. At the end of the day, it’s really hard to say goodbye, but I think it’s what’s best for right now.”

While not every student had the chance to know these staff members personally, whether it should be from different clubs, sports, or just knowing their faces around the halls, the students and faculty of CHS wish Mrs. O’Hearn, Mrs. Regan, and Mr. Weber the best of luck in their retirement.