Field Maintenance Staff Awarded Number One Field in South Jersey

The maintenance decked out the football field for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Megan Morris, Editor-in-Chief

People commonly take the custodial and maintenance staff for granted, but truthfully, the school could not function without them.

The maintenance staff, who is run by Director of Facilities Mr. Mark Tindall, is very beneficial in the planning of the new building.

Tindall, who has been part of the staff for 17 years and recently assumed the role of “Director of Facilities,” explains that the staff he is in charge of is incredibly dedicated and are taking the new CHS Referendum project very seriously.  According to Tindall, he has his staff have been “meeting with the architects every Tuesday since the referendum has been passed.” He continued that the staff “met for nine hours on their day off on Martin Luther King Day.”

During their meetings they walk the halls of CHS and make sure the blue prints for the building match up with the actual architect. They have a lot of say in creating CHS 2.0.

Some of the new features they focused on were the “new auditorium seats, air conditioning and the new sprinkler system.”

The new sprinkler system will be appreciated by the maintenance staff especially. This past year the football field was given the honor of the number one football field in South Jersey according to the South Jersey Turf Association. This honor was well appreciated by the staff, considering they have to take care of “157 acres of land,” according to Tindall.  Being honored for just about 1.3 of those acres is rewarding for the staff.

When asked why there was a sudden, positive feeling among the maintenance staff and in their work with the sports teams, Tindall explains that “my boss resigned and I was named Director of Facilities.”

Tindall mentioned that he has a special purpose for his work.  Tindall says that what he does is “for the kids. I had a daughter who graduated in 2013, and two step-daughters currently in the high school. I live in Cinnaminson myself, and it really does make a difference when you have a connection to the school you work for.”

Tom Kennedy, the head of custodial staff, agrees with Tindall. Kennedy has been a part of the Cinnaminson staff for a very long time. Most long-time students can remember seeing him in their early years at SAC or New Albany.

Kennedy was very appreciative for some recognition. Cleaning up the school full of 15-18 year olds is no easy task. From glitter all over the floor from homecoming posters or cafeteria clean up, the custodial staff has their work cut out for them.

Kennedy and Tindall both enjoy being a part of the CHS family and  appreciate the kids and staff here very much. They hope the kids appreciate them also.