Athletic Director Kicks Off New Career at CHS

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Photo courtesy of Mr. Wilkinson

Mr. Brian Wilkinson is the new Athletic Director at Cinnaminson High School. Before coming to CHS, Wilkinson worked in other districts, including Manchester where he most recently was a former social studies teacher and football coach. He earned his bachelor’s degree in history from Wagner College in Staten Island, NY and his masters degree in educational administration from the University of Scranton.

According to Wilkinson, one of the main reasons he decided to join the Pirate community is because he was impressed with Cinnaminson’s culture and community. He said it feels like a family here.

“I’ve been a coach for a long time. I’ve watched athletic directors and worked with many athletic directors,” Wilkinson said. “Before I applied for anything, I researched the school, and Cinnaminson honestly has a tremendous reputation, both academically and athletically. I think it would be a good fit.”

With previous experience as a teacher and coach at Toms River Regional South, Pineland Regional, and Manchester Township, Wilkinson said what sets Cinnaminson apart is its community. 

“People are people, and kids are kids,” Wilkinson said. “But I think here at Cinnaminson, a great feeling and community exists. Even more so than at other places I’ve been, and I think what sets this place apart is the community cares so much and is involved.”

Wilkinson brings his passion for and knowledge of sports to his new position as an athletic director.  He has been involved with sports throughout his entire career, having coached football, baseball, basketball, bowling and golf. He said he loves and watches practically every sport. 

“My favorite sport, just as when I was a kid, is whatever sport is in season at the time,” Wilkinson said. “When I was playing football, I loved football. When I wrestled, I loved wrestling and the same is true for baseball. So, if you ask me that question right now. You know, my daughter is a really good soccer player. I love watching her play and I love the game. But when I’m watching a football game, that’s my favorite. It tends to be whatever I’m into at that moment.”

In his position as an athletic director, Wilkinson is in charge of a lot of the operations for the athletes and teams. While the coaches focus on winning games, Wilkinson is in charge of all of the behind-the-scenes work necessary to make sure the games happen. Some of his responsibilities include: creating team schedules, arranging transportation, and making sure the fields and facilities are ready for play. He also has to coordinate game locations, schedule opponents, and ensure officials will be present at the games. 

Besides managing the logistics of games, Wilkinson said he hopes to also have a personal impact on the coaches and athletes as he works to develop relationships with them.

“On top of that, I like to think that I talk to coaches, that I can be there as a sounding board to talk things out,” Wilkinson said. “When coaches are having a tough time and when things are good. You know, just to get things off their chest, and I hope I’m there to support all the kids as well.”

While still new to CHS, the hardwork and camaraderie amongst the sports teams has not gone unnoticed by Wilkinson. According to Wilkinson, it is something he hasn’t seen before at his past schools. 

“The cool thing is, when I go watch the field hockey team, they’re super tight, you know, you can see when they play that they’re super tight,” Wilkinson said. “I watch boys soccer, football. You can see there’s a brotherhood there amongst them. You know, that’s the part that I absolutely love, and I think it happens on the sports teams because the community is so tight. So it’s easier to trust each other. So I think that’s what makes Cinnaminson special.”

In addition to being a resource for the Pirates sports teams, Wilkinson said he hopes his prior experiences will allow him to make an impact beyond that of the sports fields.  

“I want to be a resource for coaches and athletes and people in the school,” Wilkinson said. “I’ve been a lot of places, and any time you accumulate experience, you´ve been in situations before, so we try to share those situations and learn from what the result was from them,” Wilkinson said.