Movie Review: Spider-Man No Way Home

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Ever since I was a child, I have always enjoyed Marvel movies, whether it was going to see them in theaters, or more recently, watching them at home. When I saw the trailer for “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” I was beyond excited, especially since it had everyone talking about it. The movie was released Dec. 17, and it has since grossed over $1 billion. This final movie is a bittersweet ending for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man career.

After Peter’s identity is revealed by Mysterio, blaming his death and many other things on Peter, Peter tries his best to go into hiding. This becomes difficult, considering his senior year is starting, and everywhere he goes there are cameras, people, and helicopters watching him. With the help of his friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) and girlfriend MJ (Zendaya), they try to help Peter become more of a normal person. They move into a new apartment and try to settle in, but that is when Peter gets an idea. He visits Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to see if he can turn back time and make everyone forget that he is Spider-Man. Strange tells him there is a way, but it includes a dangerous spell. Peter wants to continue with the spell and although Strange is hesitant, he casts the spell. However, during this complex and difficult spell, Peter messes up the spell, saying that he wanted everything the same as it was before. Dr. Strange keeps the spell into a box to keep the multiverses in line and tells Peter the spell would have been fatal if he didn’t contain it. However, little do both men know, this causes a tear in the multiverse, resulting in multiple new villains emerging from their old universes into this current one.

One aspect of the movie I really enjoyed was the music. Composer Michael Giacchino (famous for composing many Disney movies including “Up,” “Ratatouille,” and “The Incredibles”) did a great job narrating the story without using words. Emotions were conveyed beautifully, not just in the actors, but in the music as well. To me, movies wouldn’t be complete without music. Of course, this movie would be nothing without the opening theme. After all, Spider-Man wouldn’t be who he is without his own theme song!

Tom Holland along with his co-stars did a great job at showing the emotion throughout the film. Zendaya seemed like she was less involved in this movie, but maybe that was intentional in order to provide more focus on Holland’s struggles during the movie.

The build-up of this movie was wonderful, giving viewers little details about what happens next. The ending couldn’t have been a better closing to this amazing trilogy.