Boys’ Volleyball Wins Division for First Time in a Decade


Photo courtesy of Ian Kershaw

After a rough 1-5 start to the season, the boys’ volleyball team is starting to turn things around, winning 11 of their last 18 games, and leading the division at 12-11.

“The season is going pretty well. We started off a bit rough in the beginning, but now I think we’re finding our rhythm,” senior Ian Kershaw said.

Kershaw is one of only three seniors on the team. However Coach Robert Spier sees potential in the younger group, stating that the juniors and sophomores are well dedicated and experienced. Spier praises the team’s commitment, especially during the offseason.

The juniors all went out and played club in the off-season and did all they could to continue to get better,” Spier said. “That is the dedication we need to go far.We have a lot of youth. Two sophomores who only played freshman last year are now getting a lot of varsity time. We also have a big group of juniors who will continue to grow and get better next year as we make a big run for a South Jersey sectional championship.”

Spier along with the seniors on the team said they believe that the large number of younger players could be great for gaining experience and improving even more next season, especially with the potential they’ve already shown. 

“The juniors are able to take on a bigger role this year, and next year it will help them because they already have the experience of being leaders on the team,” Kershaw said. “They’re very talented, and a few of them have played varsity for a couple of years already, so they’re in good hands.”

Along with an improved record this season, the team is also looking at a chance to win their first divisional title in over 10 years. They are off to a good start beating all of their division opponents so far. The boys beat Pennsauken twice, as well as Collingswood and Burlington City, all of which were 2-0 wins for the Pirates. 

“The most important games have by far been our divisional games, like Pennsauken and Collingswood,” junior Nasir Paige said. “We’re currently 4-0 in our division, so we’re looking to keep that streak going.”

With upcoming matchups against Kingway and Cherry Hill East, the boys look to maintain their undefeated status within the division. After clinching the division, the boys aim to make a deep run in the South Jersey sectional championship playoffs.

“We just need to take everything seriously,” Paige said. “No matter how easy or difficult our opponents are. If we take everything seriously, we’ll be good for the rest of the season and playoffs.”