CHS Bowling Team Improves Upon Consistency


Photo courtesy of Delaney Imondi

This season has been one of changes and rebuilding for the girls’ and boys’ bowling teams at CHS. Having graduated five of their varsity members last year, the boys’ team is working on getting back into a groove as a team and improving. Coach Al Miller said he thinks the boys show real promise and have improved so much from last year already.

“The boys are in a rebuilding process and I wanted them to get better, and they are at that point,” Miller said. “They won their first match yesterday, so I think they have the capability to surprise some people down the stretch, and add to their win total. All of them that are returning bowlers have increased their averages, at least 20 pins and as high as 50 pins. So, they’re definitely getting better as the season goes on, and they’re all better from last year.”

The boys team is ranked six in their division with a 1-17 record, and the girls are ranked third in their division with a 11-6-1 record. 

Freshman Colin Donovan is optimistic for next year based on this year’s progress on the boys’ team.

“Last year our entire varsity was seniors,” Donovan said. “This year we have a lot of people coming up on JV, and the varsity people have improved a lot this year, so I feel like next year will be a good year.”

The girls’ team is competing for the divisional title and have had a successful season thus far. Senior Kirsten Howard, co-captain of the girls’ bowling team, said she feels as though they have a good, solid team and players that have made her last season of playing one to remember.

“Last year it was kind of rocky towards the end of the season because we had a lot of people get sick and not show up after a while, or people just completely leave,” Howard said. “We have a lot of good stable people this year who will show up time after time and it’s just been great.”

Just like every other winter sport, the girls’ and boys’ bowling teams have faced some challenges and have had to make some adjustments to make this season and next season more successful. 

“We’re at a point where just about everyone has their approach, their throw, and their release down, and are adjusting to picking up spares,” Miller said. “So, working on those adjustments and consistency are the two things that we’re working on as a team.”

The two teams are eager to continue to grow and improve and hope to see new people participating in the sport. Howard shared a piece of advice for underclassmen and students considering signing up next year.

“I say if you’re interested in bowling definitely sign up, it’s very chill, and not very competitive,” Howard said. “You just have to be into it and be willing to be there!”