Alumna Returns to CHS as New Wellness Counselor

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Photo courtesy of Ms. Dockins

You may have noticed several new faces this year and among them is Ms. Janae Dockins, a new wellness counselor here at the high school.

“I am the counterpart to Mr. Faltz who is the crisis counselor,” Dockins said. “My job kind of deals with everything. So academics, mental health, anything you want to talk about you can come to me.”  

As a graduate of CHS, Dockins studied psychology at Stockton University. She then went on to receive her school counseling and students assistant coordinating certification as well. 

Before starting her new chapter at Cinnaminson as a staff member, Dockins worked as a counselor at Glassboro High School for two years. Dockins said she seized the opportunity when it was presented. 

“It’s an opportunity to come back to where I went. I graduated in 2013,” Dockins said. “I kind of get an opportunity to change lives, back where I went to high school. I thought that was a pretty cool opportunity for me to grab, so I snagged it right away.” 

According to Dockins, she is looking forward to readjusting to the school and becoming familiar with the school climate and community at CHS. 

“My goal this year is kind of learning more about the school as a whole,” Dockins said. “A little bit of a bigger population than I was dealing with back at Glassboro, there was like 500 kids.” 

Dockins said she intends to do more than just provide counseling. She expressed interest in getting involved with several extracurricular activities and programs at Cinnaminson as well.

“I’m a softball coach as well, so I do hope one day to get involved in the program here at the high-school,” Dockins said. “I do eventually want to be a class advisor. Back at Glassboro I was a class advisor, I kind of want to do that for maybe a couple years, or whenever the time comes.” 

As an alumna, Dockins said she couldn’t be happier to start the next step of her career at the same place she attended high school.

“I’m excited to be back at the school I graduated from!” Dockins said. “All the staff here are great. And I’m just excited to be home and working at this amazing school.”