Fun and Entertaining Legally Blonde Musical To Open at CHS Tomorrow


Courtesy of Laura Ogden

Entire cast of Legally Blonde poses for picture after tech week practice

Lynette Mariano, Staff Writer

This year, Cinnaminson High School’s Drama Club has prepared to present Legally Blonde. The musical follows the life of Elle Woods, a well-rounded and popular college student, whose life is turned around when she experiences an unexpected break-up. The selection of this year’s production stands unique in comparison to previous high school shows, the greatest difference being Legally Blonde’s brighter atmosphere from its focus on the pop genre, visuals of the early 2000’s, and emphasis on choreography within the musical numbers.

“This year’s show is a lot of fun! The past three years have been very dark, serious shows with heavy themes – it was time for us to do something light, energetic and positive! Our kids are amazing and always impress us with their range of talents, both on stage and off – so come out for a great night (or two) of entertainment and support the arts in Cinnaminson!” says teacher and stage crew advisor, Mr. Wilson. “Also, there are dogs. So you should see it for the dogs too.”

The past three shows have been Les Miserables, Fiddler on the Roof, and Sweeney Todd, which the class of 2019 has been present for throughout their high school years, which has helped them advance in mature and serious shows. However, Legally Blonde is allowing them to show a more humorous side to their skills.

“For the senior class especially, Legally Blonde is a total 180 (degree) shift in tone and style,” states senior student director, Helaina Parejo. “The lively atmosphere that surrounds the life of Elle Woods is about as far away from miserable as you can get.”

Cast and Crew Members include senior Maggie Harbord, senior Jack Rooney, sophomore Alyssa Trautman, senior Isabel Bramhall, freshman Bria Petrella, senior Helaina Parejo, senior Tyler Fedorko, senior Caroline Piotrowski, and junior Kasey Kaufmann who have all played a vital role in the preparation for the performance. The rehearsals and process of putting the musical together have allowed for bonding and growth of personal skills, especially for senior actors and crew members.

“It’s strange as a senior, kind of being a role model to the younger cast members,” says student, Tyler Fedorko. “I wanna be able to get stuff done while also being able to have fun and it’s hard to do when you’re kind of the role model.”

“The cast was pleasantly challenged by the fast pace of the show,” says teacher and director, Mrs. Schweitzer. “This show requires stamina, coordination, and cooperation. Students had to work together in a variety of ways, from mastering the modern choreography to orchestrating set changes, as each scenes flows into the next.”

Show dates are March 22nd to the 24th, and showtimes available at 8pm on Friday and Saturday night, as well as 2pm on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, with tickets available at the door.