Prom Craziness Building with Creation of Prom Dress Page on Instagram

Senior Maggie Harbord poses for a picture in her dress for this year’s prom.

Mikaela Fry , Staff Writer

Prom night is one of the most important events for some high school students. This year’s prom preparation has already started and Cinnaminson High School students have already begun their search for the perfect prom dress.

For the past few years students have been posting their dresses on a Facebook page. This year the social media platform to post dresses switched over to Instagram. The point of students sharing their prom dresses is so other students do not wear the same one.

The Instagram page is called “cinnaprom2019″ and anyone who is a junior or senior going to prom can follow the account. Many students have gotten compliments on their dresses from other people. If anyone is looking for prom dresses there are many shops in the area. Some  include Little Fashions in Cinnaminson; Jan’s Boutique in Cherry Hill; Camille La Vie in the Franklin Mills Mall, and many more. Although it may seem early to look or buy a dress, some students have an explanation for why they got their dresses now.

“ I am so excited for (our) prom and so are many others, which is why I think most people get their dresses pretty early,” senior Maggie Harbord said after just purchasing her dress at Little Fashions. She bought a beautiful rose pink ball gown with a corset. Little Fashions has a very original and unique dress selection that was helpful to Maggie.

“The staff at Camille La Vie in the mall were super helpful. I went with my friends and they really helped me find a style of dress that suits my body. There is also a very large selection of dresses,” stated senior Anya McMullan. Camille La Vie may not be in Cinnaminson but it is only a 20 minute drive over the bridge. On top of the prom dress shopping many other students are extremely excited for prom to come around.

“I love all the happiness around prom time! It’s fun to go out prom dress shopping with my friends. I cannot wait to see how great everyone looks this year!” said senior Caroline Piotrowski. A lot of seniors are excited to find out where the prom is going to be held this year.

“I hope prom is host somewhere interesting! Last year the Crowne Plaza was very nice, I just hope this year’s prom is more extravagant. Especially since this is my last one,” exclaimed senior April Schultz. 

This year’s event will take place at a new location for CHS, the Collingswood Grand Ballroom, located on the White Horse Pike in Collingswood, NJ on May 17.  The Grand Ballroom describes it self on its website ( as “The Collingswood Grand Ballroom is a very unique location.  With its 1920’s style décor, dramatic staircase, and polished cherry wood details – there is simply no other venue like it in Southern New Jersey.”