Senior JT Holt Wins a Heavily Competitive, 2018-2019 Mr. Cinnaminson Contest

Jack Lilley and Jack Bundy pose after competing in the Mr. Cinnaminson contest in November

Robert Sandeen, Staff Writer

November 29th marked the day of an event that most of Cinnaminson High School looked forward to: the Mr. Cinnaminson competition.

This year it was hosted by senior Ahmad Gantt. After a snow storm that caused a delay on November 15 for two weeks, contestants were eager to compete. This year junior Mitchell Schweid, senior Jack Bundy, sophomore
Luke Perkins, junior Austin Gabay, junior Eric Gallagher, and senior JT Holt were all making their debut, while
senior Eric Joyce chased the title for the fourth consecutive year.

Most never saw themselves on the stage for the competition.

“I was planning on hosting” said Bundy.

“Never in a million years” said Schweid.

Joyce, on the other hand, knew he belonged.

“After I did it freshman year, I felt like it was something I needed to do,” he said. “It gave me a good experience.”

Joyce, known for his unorthodox acts, explained the inspiration behind them.

“I just came up with whatever I could do to please the audience,” he said, “I had a funny voice, funny act, and the outfit.”

Joyce made it clear that he was leaving no stones unturned in his quest for victory.

“This year I feel will be my best. It’s my year to win,” Joyce finished.

For the 2018 competition, however, not everyone is as seasoned as Joyce. Many contestants, including Bundy, are making their first appearances on the stage.

When asked about his act, he was motivated by his “Pure talent of dancing,” Bundy said, “I was watching Dirty Dancing with my parents, and when they said I should do it, I took them completely seriously.”

On top of dancing skill, Bundy believes DECA members will have an edge in the competition.

“I learned very important marketing skills through advertising.” Skills to help sell Bundy to the crowd.

Ms. Esposito, the school’s DECA advisor and marketing teacher, foresaw a promising event this year.

“We have some pretty good acts this year. From Bruno Mars to Pokerface,” she continued. “We’ve got a lot of characters this year. They’re really funny.”

Three of Ms. Esposito’s DECA officers are performing this year, representing the organization strongly.

Joyce, however, doubts the prowess of his DECA-bred competition.

“No way. They learn marketing skills, this is entertainment.” He stressed about his impending victory. “This is a performance.”

The event is known for its level of entertainment. Legendary performances remain in the minds of the current contestants.

“Liam Wharton’s performance in the wrestling unitards” Joyce continued, “I was crying. So funny.”

“Dancing to Wii music in the tutu (was great)” continued Schweid.

“Liam’s ‘Mean Girls’ act, that was amazing (as well).”

On the night of the event, DECA officer JT Holt was crowned the victor. Wearing the traditional cape and crown, he commented on his victory.

“(I’m) not going to lie, I worked really hard for it,” he said.

Holt gave credit to skills he learned during his years in DECA.

“They actually did help. It kind of opened me up and helped me be able to perform to an outside crowd,” Holt said.

On his fellow contestants, he was equally impressed. “I definitely enjoyed Austin’s. The way he went about it was so funny.”

The runners-up were Bundy and Gabay, both amusing the crowd with their dancing acts.

After the event, Eric Joyce put his thoughts eloquently.

“Thank you for the ones who cheered me on, you guys make it worth it,” Joyce said.

Extending thanks to all of those who attended and competed in the Mr.Cinnaminson competition 2018, DECA thanks you for your support and looks forward to next year.