Seniors Win Spirit Week by Outdistancing Sophomore and Junior Classes in All Competitions

Senior Elena Keck pulls with all her prodigious might during the tug of war that the seniors ended up winning.

Mikaela Fry, Staff Writer

Every year in October, the halls of Cinnaminson High School are full of extravagant posters, classmates dressed in entertaining outfits, and the biggest events of the year all taking place during the tradition of spirit week. Spirit week is a time for students to kick back and participate in activities like dressing up and pep rally.

Each grade competes against one another by earning points through dressing up, donating money and food, their class posters, and winning games in pep rally. This year the days of dressing up consist of Pajama Day, “Mathlete versus Athlete,” 80’s Day, Theme Day, and Class Color Day.

Leading up to the pep rally many students get excited for the many aspects of pep rally.

“I’m excited for the legendary spirit stick,” senior Joe Smith said.

Even new teachers were looking forward to the unknown excitement of pep rally.

“I’m excited to experience Cinnaminson pep rally for the first time. Everyone puts so much hype into it so it sounds like it will be fun,” Ms. Coker stated.

The senior class came out swinging and stole the spirit stick by a long shot. The competition that is usually between the senior class and junior class turned out to be a different story this year. The senior class and sophomore class were in a close race throughout the week.

“The  tension of seeing what place our grade was going to get made everyone excited.” Cassie Glisson said.

The sophomores had earned 400 points through winning some dress up days, placing second in hall decorations, the penny race, and played unified participation. The senior class received 480 points through winning first in pep rally, fantastic “Play Unified” participation, winning some dress up days, collecting canned goods, and winning hall decorations. The junior class got third place overall with 385 points and earned second place in pep rally. The freshman class placed fourth with 325 points and received second place in collecting canned goods.

The Friday of spirit week held one of the most exciting events of the year, the pep rally. The competition consists of games like tug of war, pirate pride chairs, canon popping, limbo, cinna derby, and many more. The students look forward to participating in these games and encouraging their classmates.

“ I love the pep rally because it is a time where there is a good-hearted competition between grades and brings our class together.” April Schultz says.

The senior class dominated in all the games except, pirate pride chairs, alumni shoot out, and quad challenge. Some new games took place this year like, food frenzy relay, pirate scramble, and quad challenge. Cody Broadway, John Meekins, and Grace Kenville all participated in the food frenzy relay.

Cody Broadway stated, “ I was a little too excited, it’s a blast and adrenaline flows through my veins, I can feel the energy of the crowd and I get more hype.”

The pep rally serves as a bonding experience for the grades. The seniors placed first with 85 points, the juniors came in second with 69 points, the sophomores came in third with 58 points, and freshman came in fourth with 36 points.