Myers and DeLuca Achieve CHS Highest Honors

Vincent DeLuca was the Valedictorian for the CHS class of 2018.

Trey Dolan, Staff Writer

The honors of being named Valedictorian and Salutatorian for the graduating Cinnaminson High School (CHS) class of 2018 have been earned by Vincent DeLuca as the Valedictorian and Stephanie Myers as the Salutatorian.

Both hold the highest honors of the class with their feats of academic excellence. Along with his academic prominence, Vinny is also a part of the CHS Boys’ Volleyball and Bowling team. Along with participating in volleyball and bowling, Vinny has been a part of the Battle of the Books, S.A.D.D., Cinnamentors, the National Honor Society, and much more. In his free time Vinny also helps out with the Animal Welfare Association for Eagle Scouts, the Bread of Life Organization, and the Palmyra Nature Cove.

To juggle school work, volleyball, and a job has to require some very impressive time management skills, especially considering the five AP classes he is taking during his senior year. Vinny has taken the maximum amount of AP classes he could have taken at his time at CHS. When asked about what the workload was like, Vinny was honest about how he handles stress.

“At first it was stressful, but if you just focus on doing your best and then not stressing as much over failing and just do what you can, you can get a lot out of it,” Vinny said.

The workload of being in several AP classes could prove to be stressful, but remaining focused and determined are some things most students should be trying to improve on. Vinny and Stephanie’s success was earned through their hard work and dedication towards their goals.

“Definitely get involved in activities and just do your best then whatever happens, happens,” Vinny said.

Come the fall of 2018, Vincent will be attending the prestigious Princeton University, with his intended
major as economics.

When asked about the lengths she went to in order to achieve at the highest degrees, Stephanie knew how hard she had worked here at CHS.

“I’ve done all of my homework and studied a lot,” began Stephanie, “I’ve paid attention in every class and taken notes, but it’s not the same for everyone. The way that I study isn’t going to work for everyone else, so there are many different ways to become successful.”

Success is earned, never given. This goes for every aspect of life, not just academics. In order to be successful in school, to get good grades, and to top your class in this level, you must be motivated to do so.

Stephanie also juggles the responsibilities of high school athletics as well. She is the cheer captain for both fall and winter teams. Stephanie also participates in the Cinnamentors, Interact, S.T.O.P., Glamour Gals, the National Honor Society and many other activities. Stephanie also volunteers at the Food Bank of South Jersey and is a volunteer cheerleading coach at Jersey Pride All Star Cheerleading for the past year.

Not moving to Cinnaminson until her sophomore year, her motivation came from not wanting to fall behind.

“When a student transfers over to a different school, sometimes they could fall behind very easily. So not wanting to fall behind is basically why I did so well my first year.  There has definitely been stressful periods of time,” Stephanie established, “but it has not been overall stressful because I have learned how to manage my time well and I have learned how to study in a way that works best for me and so it does not make me super stressed out. So, like I said, there has been times where there are several assignments at the same time, and that is super stressful, but if you learn to manage your time well then it seems to work out well for you.”

Steph will be attending George Washington University this fall, majoring in International Affairs.

If students out there think to themselves that the levels achieved by Vinny and Stephanie are something that they could easily attain, consider the lowest grade that Vinny received was a 92 as a freshman leading to an amazing 102.9 weighted GPA. Stephanie received a 90 in an Honors class in 10th grade, leading her to an astounding 102.3 weighted GPA.