Cinnaminson Boys’ Volleyball has a topsy-turvey start to a 6-7 season in 2018.

Peter Schuber for The Buccaneer
Senior Ryan Coslove serves a ball during a game last spring.

Trey Dolan, Staff Writer

The Cinnaminson Pirates Boys’ Volleyball team had a topsy-turvey start to the season so far with the boys losing five of their first six matches before storming back to win five of their next seven games to stand at 6-7 during the last week of April.
The team came into the season expecting another big season this year and looking to match the 17 wins the boys have had the last two seasons and looking to return to make the playoffs. The squad has a lot of depth and young players to get good minutes. However, with the loss of starting middle Ahmad Gantt, younger players could be moved up and get their chance to impress and claim their place in the varsity team for the coming years.
Younger players such as sophomores Jack Feldner and Kevin Bockius are ones to look out for in coming years, as they are both often pulled up for varsity matches.
Preseason did not look too good for the Pirates as the team took on some of the best teams in all of New Jersey for a brusing preseason schedule.  However, the team has some key plays to supply traditional CHS volleyball. Senior Brad Challender looks to be the main man to provide points for CHS this season, with nine kills to his name in preseason alone. However, not far behind him is senior Goni McGuckin with six, Feldner with three, and senior Brian Bockius and his brother Kevin both with two kills.
An ace is a point directly from a serve, and so far from the games played, senior Jared Yeager is leading with five, whereas McGuckin has three, and Ryan Coslove has two aces. Points won’t just come without work, however, and the setters have been putting work in to provide assists to get points. Coslove has an impressive fourteen assists, and Yeager has six.
“This season’s gonna be a good one as long as everyone focuses and does their part,” begins varsity coach Robert Spier. “Sure the loss of Ahmad is something we’ll have to deal with since he was a starter, but this just gives some of the younger players a chance to move up and show their worth.”
The team has had a few years to gel together, as most of the players are upperclassmen, so they should know how each other play. Despite what most people think, volleyball is a sport involving much passing, so knowing your teammates and how they play is essential to a winning season.
Coach Spier adds in regards to winning a championship that he would like a new jacket, since his one from 2014 is getting outdated. This season the squad will do their best to get those new jackets for Coach Spier.
Upcoming, the team still has to face Northern Burlington and Moorestown twice, so the team still has a lot of big, talented opponents to face during the season.