2017 CHS Grad Alexa Aulicino Dazzled All With Her Giving Spirit

Marissa Porrini, Staff Writer

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*Advisor’s Note – Reposted from June 2017 printed edition

In high school, a lot of memories are made. People are sometimes remembered for various unimportant things like who threw the biggest party or who did what with whom.

Rarely are people remembered for the amazing things they do to help our community and our school or for something fascinating that they did. However, senior Alexa Aulicino changes that trend when one can step back and see all that she has accomplished while a student at CHS.

Senior, Alexa Aulicino, who is currently fifth in her graduating class, is also the class president, president of the National Honor Society and is a part of 15 or more clubs at CHS. While it is gaudy to list the clubs, it should be noted that she has participated in Girl’s State, STOP, Physics Olympics, Student Council, Drama Club, Amaranth,
Interact, Cinnamentors, Homecoming Committee and six more clubs.

But, wait – Alexa also volunteers at the Philadelphia
Zoo and writes for the teen section of the Burlington County Times as well, something that she has talked about pursuing for a career. This year, Alexa was honored as a performer who was selected to the AllState Chorus Ensemble.

According to Mrs. Hyland, ELA teacher, the Philadelphia Zoo volunteer position is a highly soughtafter one that is only given to a couple of teens in the entire Philadelphia area who show that they are not only bright, but also driven to make a difference for animals and their community. Alexa shows true school spirit and love for our school community as well as the environment and has clearly demonstrated this in her years here.

Mrs. Hyland, for one, has been incredibly impressed with Alexa in many ways.

“Alexa is one of the most interesting students I’ve ever taught. She is gifted in so many ways. She’s gifted in English classes, but even more so in her Math and Science classes. Then, when you hear her vocal abilities, it will absolutely floor you because you might assume she is a shy and reserved person, but her talent is staggering, but she is so much more than all of this,” Mrs. Hyland continued. “Alexa is so well-rounded and gives so much more to service organizations that she leaves you in awe of what she does. She is an incredibly reliable, dependable and well-rounded person.”

This year, since she has always shown interests in keeping the environment clean, Alexa teamed up with Mr. Perekupka to perform independent research on the usage of plastic in our school.

“I’ve always been concerned with our environment ever since I was little so coming up with ideas wasn’t the hardest part, it was finding all of the data,” Alexa said.

Alexa went around during her lunch period and found 100 people using plastic water bottles in just her senior class alone. She did a lot of the research on her own because there weren’t many articles on usage of plastics at the high school level. Alexa hopes to have her research done by Pride Day so that she can set up a scientific poster about her project for the whole school to see.

No one said this was going to be easy for Alexa especially on top of all of her other extracurricular activities but she feels so strongly about this project it is hardly a task at all. Alexa hopes this project will show people how much plastic we do use and how bad it is for the environment and they will transfer to using reusable products.

*Advisor’s Note – story originally run in June 2017 printed edition of newspaper.  PDF version can be found here – http://chs.cinnaminson.entest.org/ourpages/users/kindc/Final%20Copy%20-%20June%202017%20Issue.pdf