Mrs. Guscott and Luaces Exit Proudly With the Class of 2017.

Ahmirah Posey, Staff Writer

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*Advisor’s Note – Reprinted from the June 2017 printed edition of newspaper.

Like every working person, there comes a point in time when it is either time to pursue other adventures after giving a good part of your life to a cause. As this year comes to an end, the students of Cinnaminson High bid a farewell to teachers Mrs. Luaces and Mrs. Guscott, who have made CHS a better place.

Mrs. Luaces, who is a Phys Ed teacher, has been working here thirteen years as a sub and eleven full time has decided that this year would be her last. After completing her 25 years of service to the state, Mrs. Luaces will be moving to Florida where s

he will spend her time travel, golf, boating, hiking, and biking. Previously, Mrs. Luaces has lived in Florida and still maintains a home there and will return to it permanently this summer.

When it comes to things Mrs. Luaces will miss the most about her job, she stated the she has a lot of fun teaching and she’ll miss the students. While the things she won’t be missing are paperwork, grading, and standardized tests. As the year comes to an end like many others Mrs. Luaces looks back on all that has happened when questioned if it was everything she hoped/excepted. She replied with a “No, I wish I had the opportunity to teach more Practical Life Skills classes. Which I absolutely loved teaching throughout my years at CHS.”

As for her favorite moments while working at CHS it would have to be“Coaching the tennis team to four (division) championships,” she finished.

As for Mrs.Guscott, who has worked at CHS for 25 years, the combination of her age and her interest in other activities was enough for her to come to the decision to retire.

“I hit sixty that’ll do it. There are other things that I want to do. I want to be young enough to be able to do them,” she responded.

As for her plans after CHS Mrs.Guscott, plans to pursue something she’s wanted to do for a long time. “I’m going to be an artist. I’ve been taking art lessons and I’ve always wanted to pursue that. I’ve joined an art league and I’m going to pursue art, paintingoil paintings, specifically,” she said. As for her favorite moments, those consisted of quite a few things. “(My favorite memories) probably would have to do with coaching the cross country team. You know I had some really good moments there, like beating Moorestown and ending their dual meet unbeaten streak. It was only at a dual meet but it meant a lot to me,” Mrs. Guscott continued.

“And I think I’ve done a really good job putting together some special events for the group you know with some really good graduations we’ve had. I’m probably most proud of the times that I meet former students, like ten years after they’ve graduated and they tell me that ‘Because of you. You really believed in me or like you really pushed me.’ When you meet the students later on and you hear what they have to say about you because you don’t get that now but later on when they start thinking about their teachers they’re like, you know what, thanks for all you did and thanks for doing  that for me,” Mrs. Guscott finished.

Mrs. Guscott is not only a favorite of her former students, but her 25 years teaching, coaching and advising at CHS and her recent stint running the Special Education Departmentas the lead teacher have forged a number of close relationships. ELA teacher, Mrs. Carroll, who has served as a student class co-advisor with Mrs. Guscott in the past looked at Mrs. Guscott as a mentor to her in her early years at CHS, feels like Mrs. Guscott’s mark on CHS will be hard to forget.

“Mrs. Guscott has taken care of the whole school, be it a panicked student, a torn prom dress, a stressed-out co-worker, a bad hair day, or a group of young girls who could just use a cupcake, she has been
there. CHS will feel a tremendous loss without her,” she said.

Biology and Forensics teacher, Mrs. Alvarado, has served as a student council advisor along with Mrs. Guscott and has been working with her for over 20 years is equally sad at her retirement.

“Mrs. Guscott was one of the first faculty members that I met on my first day at CHS. Since then, she’s been an invaluable member of CHS as well as a mentor and friend to me. I’m going to miss running to her when I have a chocolate emergency or when I need some reassurance about something. She will be sorely missed,” Mrs. Alvarado said.

While not all students have had the chance to have these two teachers we all still wish them the best of luck during their retirement with their families and future plans.

*Advisor’s Note – story originally run in June 2017 printed edition of newspaper.  PDF version can be found here –

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