Eddie Runquist and Gia Trzaska Achieve Highest Honors for CHS Class of 2017

Abaigh Mayer, Staff Writer

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*Advisor’s Note – Reprinted from the June 2017 printed edition of newspaper

After years of late nights and little sleep, seniors Eddie Runquist and Gia Trzaska have achieved the highest level that any student can attain, being named Valedictorian and Salutatorian, respectively.

The hard work and effort the two put into their academics are clearly evident based in the success they’ve had in high school.

Runquist was named Valedictorian for the graduating class of 2017. When asked how he achieved this success he stated, “With time management and balancing between sports and academics. I had to have

Runquist took five AP classes this year and two Honors classes. He also was a member of the sectional
champion CHS bowling team in the winter and the division champion tennis team in the spring. With the sports and participation in Interact, NHS, Homecoming and Prom committees and Adventure Fitness Club, among other activities that he has participated in, there has to be something that
pushes him to work hard.

“I push myself because I’m hard on myself and I’m a perfectionist. Mentally I know I can work harder,” said Eddie.

Becoming academically successful can be very stressful at times, but with the right people to help, it can become less of a burden and more of a mission.

Eddie said that his tennis coach, Ike is “someone who gives me advice in all aspects of life.” He also said that Mrs. Arbelaez, Mrs. Lohan, and Mr. Perekupka “all pushed me to my limits and to think differently. They are always there to talk to about anything going on in my life.”

Eddie has had a really good support system from the teachers at CHS and will continue on at Northeastern University in Boston this fall.

Gia Trzaska has been named Salutatorian for the Class of 2017. She also took five AP classes this year and is involved in volleyball in the fall, where she was named team captain, and as a member of the softball team in the spring. Lastly, she was the NHS Vice President for this year.

When asked about how she believes she got to where she is today she believes it is all about goals.

“I always cared about my grades and it’s always been a personal goal for me,” Gia said.

She was also asked if she thought that the work load was too much and she said, “I don’t think it’s hard though, I mean other people have similar classes.”

It seems as though she was prepared to dive into her senior year. When asked who pushed her to work harder she said, “I push myself, but my parents always pushed me to work hard.”

Like Eddie, Gia had specific people in the school that helped motivate her. “Mr. Perekupka always knew I could take AP Chem which helped me figure out that I want to be an engineer. He really helped me make the transition from CP to AP Chem,” Gia said.

The CHS staff wants to see their students succeed and that is the path that Gia is pointed towards when she will start to attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York this fall.

*Advisor’s Note – story originally run in June 2017 printed edition of newspaper.  PDF version can be found here – http://chs.cinnaminson.entest.org/ourpages/users/kindc/Final%20Copy%20-%20June%202017%20Issue.pdf