Ship’s Log Oscars Predictions – La La Land Should Sweep Major Awards (Boy Were We Wrong!!!)

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Ryan Goslin and Emma Stone star in the film our critic thinks will sweep all the major awards.

Emma Passey, Editor-in-Chief

The 89th Academy Awards, otherwise nicknamed “The Oscars,” will honor the best films of 2016 as well as a multitude of other awards such as Best Actor/Actress, Best Director, Best Soundtrack, etc. Whilst there are films every year that people predict to be the typical “Oscar winning” film, there are others that fly under the radar that critics are surprised to see win.

“La La Land,” a musical romantic comedy-drama, is predicted to make a clean sweep at the Oscars this year. In this film, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone play an aspiring musician and actress who meet and fall in love in the picturesque city of Los Angeles. The soundtrack of the movie is sure to win this year at the Oscars, because both Stone and Gosling are featured artists on the track, as well as songs and score composed by Justin Hurwitz. Overall, this movie is one that should win “Best Picture” at the ceremony, due to its iconic cast, soundtrack, and scenes such as the highway scene that the crew had to shut down the freeway in Los Angeles for.

“Hacksaw Ridge,” directed by Mel Gibson, is a biographical war drama film about the World War II experiences of a soldier that refused to protect himself with any type of firearm or weapon while in combat due to religious reasons. The film is up for six Oscar nominations this year, including Best Director. The film was attempted to be developed for over 14 years, because the soldier being featured named Desmond Doss was reluctant to have his story shared. Gibson agreed to head the film after he was asked to form a “concoction of faith and violence”, so that was what he did in this spectacular film that should result in his “Best Director” win.

Another biographical film from 2016 is “Jackie,” headed by the notoriously moving Natalie Portman. Nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars, “Jackie” follows the life of Jackie Kennedy after her husband John Kennedy was assassinated. The film had its premiere at the Venice Festival in September, which prompted its theater debut on December 2. Portman perfectly portrayed Kennedy, and gave viewers a more personal insight into Kennedy and her life after the JFK assassination.  Her portrayal should earn Portman a “Best Actress” award.

“Fences,” directed by and starring Denzel Washington, centers around an African-American garbage collector named Troy Maxson who takes out his frustration about racial intolerance on his loved ones. The baseball “color barrier” was broken right after his career in the Negro League ended, so he repeatedly blames others in his life for something that he had no control over. Washington moves crowds by showing the struggle that Troy goes through to accept his fate and conquer other obstacles in his adult life. Washington should win “Best Actor,” because of the depth he brings to the cast and script of “Fences.”


Boy were we wrong – Winners from the 2017 Oscars:

BEST PICTURE – Moonlight

BEST ACTOR – Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea

BEST ACTRESS – Emma Stone, La La Land

BEST DIRECTOR – Damien Chazelle, La La Land