Coffee House Gives Students the Opportunity For Students to Showcase Hard Work

Photo by Abaigh Mayer
CHS Student Pauline Therese Monter performs at Coffee House in CHS cafeteria.

Abaigh Mayer, Staff Writer

The Cinnaminson High School Amarath Club hosted its third annual coffee house last Thursday night, February 16. There were poem readings and musical performances, highlighted by the flute ensemble, which consisted of freshman Shauday Ford, junior Baelie Deeney, and seniors Dara Napier and Christina Gentile, performed one song.

Christina has played in band all throughout high school and knows the difficulty of trying to get people to appreciate the music program. She was excited to perform for people that night.

When asked how she was feeling about the performance, Christina Gentile stated, “The flute ensemble doesn’t really get many outings besides the concert so it’s good to be heard for once.”

The students of Amarath are always writing and performing their work during the club meetings. The Coffee House is a great way for those students to show off their talents. They all appreciated a way to share their work and enjoy listening to each other’s pieces. They invite friends and family to come see their performances and are constantly encouraging one another as demonstrated by the loud applause of the crowd after each completion of their pieces.

Most students were very excited to show case their talents/hard work. Senior Mike Trimble was ready to show off his newly learned guitar skills.

“I just started playing the guitar a year ago and now I would like to test my skills and promise,” says Trimble, “Performing is one of the most exciting things ever.”

Overall, the Coffee House was a very eventful night and the students did a wonderful job. It was a great way for all them to show the CHS crowd what they’ve been working on and to practice their performance skills.