Holiday Gifts Tend Towards Technology Once Again

Alana Pecchioli, Staff Writer

Gifts for the 2016 holiday season vary between men and women, as is well-known by most. Many of the popular gifts this year are from well-known brands or upcoming companies that students will see advertised on the internet such as on Twitter or by watching their favorite Youtubers.

Top gifts for men this year include tech gifts like Go-Pro cameras, drones, FitBits, and Dollar Shave Club memberships. In fashion, some popular gifts for 2016 for men include watches, wallets, and gloves.

Senior Ryan Bleistine stated that this year he hopes for “Wireless Beats Solo” and also said that he thinks a good gift for the 2016 holiday season would be “the Apple Watch or new Xbox One games.”

Junior Natalie Lavala stated that she “would probably give a guy sneakers.” 

On the list of top gifts for women this year are Birchbox and Ipsy bags – both of which give beauty products for a monthly subscription, dog-eared necklaces, and even simple time. Birchbox and Ipsy bags have grown popular due to their widespread internet fame.

Junior Jess Raday said that “a gift I would give is an eyeshadow palette” while freshman Alexa Allen stated, “I would give a girl an outfit from their favorite store.”

Time is becoming a popular gift because people are starting to stray away from quality time with one another and instead being focused on material gifts over going out to dinner or having a game night. Some polls even show donating to charity is a popular gift this and every holiday season.

Making its way to the top of the children`s gifts, Hatchimals are one of the most popularly-sought items this year. Prices range from $60.00 to $300.00 according to online websites.

Other popular gifts include Throw ‘N’ Pop Pikachu and Poké Ball “Thrown ‘n Pop Ball,” Barbie Hello Dreamhouses, and virtual reality kits.

According to Cinnaminson High School students, it seems that gifts for men are more general while gifts for women are based off of the individual. Children`s gifts are surprisingly expensive this year, but are based around popular videos, technology, and apps that they can download in the Apple App Store.