New CHS Auditorium Looks Good, But Still Has Ways to Go

A view of the auditorium from the side

George Rider, Staff Writer

Considering that CHS was under construction since April 2015, the students would expect nothing but the best for the renovation, whenever that final ending was to occur. After Thanksgiving break, the first assembly in the new auditorium took place and people’s opinions came out and they ran the spectrum of impressed to not impressed.

Some seemed to like it better, new seats, more room to stretch out. But others thought it still looked the same and there wasn’t really any reason to gut the whole auditorium and make it brand new. With opinions flying everywhere we went around the school to let people voice their opinions on the matter.

One of the people involved with the musicals and productions within the auditorium, ELA teacher and TV Production teacher, Mr. Wilson, felt like there were both good and bad aspects to it.

“While the renovation of the auditorium has vastly improved many aspects of the room, it has also caused a number of unforeseen complications to arise,” Mr. Wilson said.

Some of those complications have come from the sound systems and lighting that was not completed when the first production went live on November 28.  There was also a loss of some space with the new construction which has caused a lot of redesign work to occur because of the new space.

However, some were just happy it was all over, including Math teacher and CHS Baseball coach Mr. Merill.

“I’m glad it’s finally finished, we certainly needed it,” he said.

It’s true that Cinnaminson needed it, we had to have assemblies in the new gym because of the construction not being finished for the auditorium.

“I like how there’s more leg room when we’re sitting in the seats”, continued Junior Nik Neville, “we used to be cramped but now it seems more comfortable.”

On the other hand, some students think the wait wasn’t worth the reward.

Senior Jimmy Sullivan voiced his opinion on the matter, “The auditorium looks great and the seats seem more comfortable but when we had to have the assembly in the gym it was very inconvenient. I think the auditorium should have been done sooner.”

The student consensus was that the gym was uncomfortable but now that the auditorium is here and much more roomy and comfortable it seems like most students don’t mind that we had to have the one assembly in the gym. Seniors have to deal with construction for the rest of their high school career and then don’t get to enjoy all of the reward of the beautiful new school.

Senior Jimmy Merget felt compelled to speak for the current senior class.

“The auditorium is nice but I wish it was done a lot sooner. We don’t get to enjoy all of the things CHS is going to have so we want to get as much as we can out of it,” Merget said

A lot of people think the auditorium looks better than it did but some think there’s no difference. No matter what you think, CHS had a brand new auditorium and comfortable seats all around.