Art Club Creates Mural at New Albany School During WinterFest

Larae Tillary, Staff Writer

The art club at Cinnaminson High School, although somewhat small and unnoticed, has been conducting many underground activities that will prove to be valuable to the community.

Art Club advisor, Mrs. Colleen DePietro felt very good about what her club was able to accomplish.

“I was very proud of my art club members for their hard work and creative attitude towards helping Mrs. Knauss create the New Albany mural. They all helped out by painting, washing brushes, mixing colors, cleaning the supplies and assisting younger students. They were complimented on their behavior several times that day. This was a wonderful opportunity for the art club members that will leave a lasting impact on themselves and the Cinnaminson community,” Mrs. DePietro said.

The annual Winter Festival was  a success from all aspects according to the art club members along with the recent mural painting at New Albany School. When asked what she thought was the most interesting activity the art club participated in, sophomore Gabriella Brown mentioned her personal favorite project; The Mural at New Albany and Winterfest.

“We got to paint on walls and kids faces. We sold a lot of reindeer food and helped the art students at New Albany work on their symmetry,” Brown said.

Senior Chris Stem specifically appreciates being able to use his artistic talents towards helping the community.

“I thought that it was awesome because I joined art club so that I could help the community outside of art class,” Stem continued. “I would definitely advise anyone to join art club. We all have open arms. We do a lot of fun activities and get to go on field trips and hang out with little kids and when we went to New Albany, we got to get out of class for it too. Even if you don’t like art, we have plenty of activities that are fun too.”

Junior Alexa Long also added that her favorite part of art club is, “everyone getting together and doing the activities to raise money for the art program. We still need a sink though.”

Since the construction, both the photography and art rooms have been completely redone, with some new supplies and equipment added to create beautiful studios, but they are still waiting on their sinks to arrive.