Cinnaminson High School Students “Take Over” 96.5 Amp Radio

Lindsey Dowling
Juliane Ritchie, Chris Stavalone, Brandon Dougherty, Danicka Moore, Lindsey Dowling, Brianna Whalberg, Christine Gentile, Julia Horton, and Jessica Horton pose for a picture in front of the 96.5 banner.

Michael Zelinka, Editor-In-Chief

On June 9, 2015 Cinnaminson High School became the center of attention from local news, Twitter, radio, and most importantly, Taylor Swift. By June 12, 2015 Mike Bennett of 96.5 amp radio hosted the girls responsible for the video in his studio to discuss the Shake It Off Lip Dub. On February 8, 2015, Bennett again hosted another group from CHS in his studio, but this time for being the winner of a contest.

On February 8, 2015, juniors Lindsey Dowling, Brianna Wolbert, Christina Gentile, Chris Stavalone, Brandon Doughtery, Juliana Ritchey, Danicka Moore and senior Jessica Horton, along with sophomore Julia Horton, helped co-host a show with the familiar Mike Bennett from 8-10 P.M.

The CHS student group was given the opportunity to go on the radio because of a contest the station held through their Instagram, which Lindsey entered. “There really wasn’t an occasion I was just on Instagram and Mike Bennett the DJ posted about finding a high school to ‘take over’ his show and I thought it would be so cool to represent Cinnaminson High School!” Dowling explained.

After receiving an email from Mike Bennett congratulating Lindsey, she began to verify a date that worked for her and her friends to go to the studio.

Once the group got to the studio they were welcomed by Bennett, who, “remembered our school from the Taylor Swift video,” said Horton.

“We still have a reputation over there,” pointed out Stavalone.

The CHS students began their “High School Takeover,” by getting to know the DJs and learning the ropes of the system. Stavalone points out that although it was very involved, it was still laid back. The students were encouraged to continue normal conversation over the air (such as Prom, school, or even pop culture events such Zayn leaving One Direction), give shout outs to friends as well as answer questions and trivia.

The studio really embraced the idea of a “High School Takeover,” and integrated the students into the radio soundboard. Lindsey told how they got to record, “phases that are often said on 96.5 like, “96.5 preset your reset” or “Philly’s new hot music.” The students also introduced music sets and performed regular DJ tasks.

Having this time on the air inspired Lindsey to possibly pursue a similar interest, “This opportunity was amazing it felt so surreal by going to the studio it locked me into majoring in communications and broadcasting when I head to college. The DJ said it doesn’t feel like a job to him, it’s just having a good and I would love to do a job that I love and doesn’t feel like work,” Dowling explained.

The night took a turn when Lindsey herself sang on the radio, “We got into talking about the topic of the show ‘The Voice’ and I said I was auditioning and they asked me to sing something, so I sang the chorus of Rolling in the Deep by Adele, and they played it on the radio.” The video of Lindsey singing was even put on the radio stations Instagram

The opportunities that social media has opened up for CHS still continue to grow and are open to anyone who seizes the opportunity, as CHS junior Lindsey Dowling did.