Haunted Walk Grows in Size and Profits for Junior Class

Seniors Olivia Rocks, Andrew Greene, and Michael Zelinka pose as the Pied Pipers and a creepy doll.

George Rider, Staff Writer

A solid fundraiser that was established last year grew in size and scope last Thursday, October 22 when the junior class completed another large event with their second annual “Haunted Walk.”  Although it was the same concept, this year was a different experience than last year’s event.

The art department began creating more elaborate sets, and recruited a lot more helpers. Although the surplus of helpers were very useful at times, senior Alex Kane pointed out that some of them, “broke character [during the walk] and quit during it, which wasn’t fair for the people who worked so hard to put the whole thing together.”

Nevertheless, those that did dedicate themselves to the walk were rewarded by the satisfaction of screams. At every corner of the trail there were screams from the participants and the victims of the walk.

After the success of the walk from last year, many new people joined the walk to be a part of something so big.

Freshman Helaina Parejo explains why she joined the haunted walk, “I love doing makeup and acting so I thought this would [be] a great choice in clubs for me.” Although many newcomers were attracted, there were also returning veterans.

Junior Sean Harris compared his experience from this year and last year when he said, “I think this year’s walk was more organized than last year. I had a great time.”

This year’s theme was “Twisted Fairy Tales” and it was very organized. Everything tied into a fairy tale theme. Last year was scattered senses but this year had everything on a smooth path which made more sense. With the help of all the students involved, Mrs. Carroll, Mr. McNamara, Mr. Wilson, Mrs. DePietro, and all the other teachers it made the walk a great financial success.

Everybody involved believed it would be a more successful walk this year than last year. Junior Lauren Okomski expressed her belief, “I think the way the High School reached out to the younger kids at the middle school and Rush is really going to help out.”

Senior Andrew Greene agreed it was more successful monetarily, but admitted that, “Last year [it was a] better walk. This year [raised] more money. [It’s a] give and take.”

The middle schoolers were invited to the Haunted Walk this year, and with the addition of the younger kids coming it was a very crowded event.

As people entered the trail faculty and staff of CHS remained working in the parking lot making burgers, hotdogs and serving hot chocolate for everyone.

Although some saw the crowd as a positive and beneficial, others saw it is a handicap. Many of the workers of the walk reported a high level of immaturity from the Middle School students.

Mrs. Carroll, junior class advisor, already has plans to avoid the congestion of Middle School students. Carroll plans to have two days for the Haunted Walk rather than the usual one, “We are going to separate the middle school and high school days so the High Schoolers don’t have to deal with the Middle Schoolers.” Carroll explained.

Carroll also acknowledged that many people did not find the walk as scary this year, but she has a confidential plan to turn it around for next year, “I have a ton of ideas to make it scarier but I obviously can’t reveal those… and I have an additional ‘attraction’ for next year, but I can’t reveal that either.” One thing she really looks forward to, is bringing back the bonfire.

With the construction project going on this year’s walk had no bonfire afterward. Once the Haunted walk concluded, students gathered on the lawn by the senior parking lot to enjoy a Halloween movie projected on the wall. This year the movie choice was Insidious.