From Runner-Up in Spring to Champion in Fall: Michael Zelinka Finally Wins 2016 Mr. Cinnaminson

Senior Michael Zelinka is crowned as the 2015-2016 Mr. Cinnaminson

Lexy Porrini, Staff Writer

During the summer the official DECA twitter page tweeted advertising that anyone interested in being a contestant should contact Mrs. Jones ASAP (as opposed to the usual vote-in). This year, due to Mrs. Jones’ pregnancy, the pageant was held five months earlier than usual.

The Master of Ceremony (M.C.’s) for the night were seniors Michael McAndrews and Christopher Stewart. It was clear that the show would be great after seeing the contestants dance along to a number choreographed by Mrs. McCool. This year the song choice was “Shut Up and Dance” a popular song by Walk the Moon.

After the introduction of the returning judges Mrs. Quinn, Mrs. Alvarado, Mr. Michael Perekupka, and Mr. Rella, the contestants began the night with their casual entrances. The night really kicked off when Freshman Eric Joyce decided to make a royal entrance, carried in on a chair. This unique entrance was followed by many more which included crazy dancing, a sports enthusiast, a puppy, a throwback to the 90’s, some magic, and a chicken hunt.

Once the casual portions concluded, the contestants immediately began to showcase their hidden talents. Freshman Eric Joyce came out on the stage and taught the audience how to camp the “Joyc-ee Way” and even included proper defense techniques against wild bears.

Sophomore Matt O’Brien put on a performance with his little sister, doing an authentic Irish jig, which was an interesting contrast to fellow sophomore Billy Thompson’s alien hunting. Classmate Liam Wharton, after “practicing for years,” played his symbols for the crowd to the tune of “Stars and Stripes Forever.” Concluding the sophomore acts was George Snedden, who put on a spoof magic show, an original and creative idea.

Junior Matt Bergen played guitar with his group “The Meme Boys” while one member read from a Dr. Seuss book. Next up was classmate Wes Hopkins, who sang with Maggie Harbord, and put on a spectacular show that even included back up dancers.

The final acts were the seniors. As many know, senior Mike Bednarek has a knack for impressions and he used his time on stage to showcase his John Gruden impression as he interviewed Devon Taylor who portrayed a Cinnaminson policeman. During Mike Bednarek’s skit there were shots taken at some favorite teachers such as, Mr. Campbell, Mr.Jenkins, Mr. Patrizi, and a few more, which helps to show the wonderful relationships formed between teachers and students at Cinnaminson High School.

Fellow senior Tim Meissgeier sang a medley of songs, including an original song dedicated to Nascar Racing. He continued to sing, and then shocked the crowd when he seemed to begin serenading his escort Amanda McHugh, but ended up catching Jaimie, her sister, in his arms and carrying her off stage. The night turned magical when senior Paul Silver took the stage and demonstrated his special talent of magic with an audience volunteer. Ending the talent portion was classmate Michael Zelinka who showcased his “bench playing” skills. He continued to do a stand-up routine with assistance from soccer players Mike Reid and Pat McCarthy as well as cheerleaders Olivia Gural and Julia Birbeck.

This year’s pageant showcased talent throughout every grade, and no act disappointed as the audience roared with laughter and stared in awe the entire night.

During intermission, the Dance Team took the stage and entertained the crowd with a dance comprised of pop culture music. Meanwhile the contestants escorts stood in the halls collecting donations for their individual contestant’s. Three contestants would be voted into the final round, as well as the participant with the most donations.

Once the intermission was over the gentlemen took the stage with their escorts, this time in formal wear. The boys all looked dapper in their lovely suits from Formal Expressions. The Mr. Cinnaminson contestants then took the stage one last time as each waited anxiously for the results. Rather than the usual four, this year the final contestants (due to a tie) consisted of five: Wharton, Meissgeier, Silver, Bednarek and Zelinka. After the question round, which contained a special impersonation of Mr. Iacono by Bednarek, the judges tallied up their scores and the results were read. The seniors took the board. In fourth was Tim Meissgeier; Paul Silver took third, and in second was Mike Bednarek. Last year’s victor Brandon Jones had the honor of crowning Michael Zelinka as this year’s Mr. Cinnaminson.