Mrs. Maurer adds to the Special Ed Department


Mike Zelinka

Mrs. Maurer has joined the Special Ed Department at CHS.

Olivia Rocks, Staff Writer

A flood of new teachers has arrived this school year at Cinnaminson High School, among them is special education teacher Mrs. Maurer. Mrs. Maurer was formerly a private school teacher, specializing in involving students with social learning deficits such as bi polar disorder and autism, among others, making her a helpful new addition to the teaching staff..

The Rowan graduate started her college career by choosing communications as her major. “I wanted to make documentary films. So I went through the program. I really loved it and what I was doing, then I found out how hard it is to make documentary films financing-wise.” Maurer described.

Realizing that film documenting was not a career that would support her for the rest of her life, Maurer’s mind was then set on teaching.

“I should have made a decision to go into teaching initially.” Maurer regrets. Although her film documenting career ended dissatisfying, she did discover her new found love for teaching.

After becoming certified as a Special Education teacher, Maurer was then referred to CHS by a colleague after being informed of the great school system and teaching opportunities.

Maurer is excited for the new journey she is approaching at CHS. She really hopes to, “Stay here long-term. I love learning. So if I can embark that onto my students and get them really embezzled and really involved in their education that is ultimately my goal,” she finished.

The new educator has nothing but high hopes for her future here at CHS. She is excited for the new experiences she will encounter in Cinnaminson, along with the new community she already has entered.