After 13 Years, Mr. Bond Returns to Give Back to CHS Community


Mr. Bond, a 2002 CHS graduate, has returned to CHS after 13 years.

Lexy Porrini, Staff Writer

Among the many new teachers here at CHS is another alumnus of this fine institution.  However, it took Mr. Bond a little longer than others to return home.

Mr. Bond graduated from Cinnaminson High School in 2002.  In reacting to his experience
here, the only word that came up was “fun.”

“We had a lot of activities going on, we had a good soccer team at the time, that I was a part of and I just remember having a lot of friends at the time and a great community.  We had a lot of fun, it was a great four years,” Mr. Bond said.

Mrs. Perekupka attended CHS at the same time as Mr. Bond and says that they have been friends since the fifth grade.  She is excited that more alumni are returning and giving back to CHS.

“Mr. Bond was a great athlete in high school and college and it’s always a positive when we have new teachers who will be willing to coach and participate in CHS activities,” she finished.

Before coming to Cinnaminson, Bond attended Rutgers-Camden, where he had a great social
and educational experience.  After graduating as a Finance major, he worked a few years as a
Budgetist for Commerce Bank.

“I was bored, most of my day was sitting in a cubicle not talking to people,” Mr. Bond says.

His lasting connection to Cinnaminson was that his brother was a senior at the time, and that allowed him to get involved with coaching and this prompted his thoughts of pursuing a career more suitable to his personality.

Once he decided that he wanted to teach, he went back to school full time to achieve his Masters in education.

“I think it was a great switch for me, a great career move, and I enjoy it, everyday.”

Mr. Bond spoke of a myriad of factors that influenced his decision to come back to Cinnaminson, especially after he had established himself at Pennsauken High School and had been very succesful there.  However, it was one thing that brought him home again.

“To be a part of the community that helped raise me, to get back to the same type of culture, the pride of Cinnaminson. This culture does not exist in other towns and it’s cool to be part of that again.”