CHS Alumna Ms. Sucharski Returns to CHS


Michael Zelinka

CHS Alumna Ms. Sucharski to teach Algebra 1 and Geometry at CHS.

Finn Raymond, Staff Writer

One of our many new teachers this year is Cinnaminson High School alumna, Ms. Sucharski. Although she graduated just five years ago, she has spent her time at Rowan University, earning degrees in secondary education and math. Today, she has returned to CHS to teach Algebra 1 and Geometry.

The last time Ms. Sucharski was in these halls was as a student, now returning as a teacher she feels that, “The difference [is in] the relationships between my teachers who are now my colleagues. Both [were] good relationships just very different.”

Ms. Sucharski is the newest teacher in the math department. Reflecting on her time in high school her favorite teacher was Mr. Mike Perekupka, who has left for another career outside of education.

As to why she wanted to become a teacher, Sucharski says, “I really enjoy helping others and think it’s great to see students understand new concepts and build on their education.” Her reason for becoming a math teacher is that, “I enjoy the subject and I thought I excelled in it.”

Teaching at CHS doesn’t lead to much relocation because Sucharski also still lives in Cinnaminson. Coming out of the school recently has allowed her to truly experience both sides of the education system in Cinnaminson.

Although she is returning to the school, it may be a little different than when she left.

With all this construction going on, the students are having trouble finding their way around the school, as well as some of the teachers.

On the contrary, Sucharski says, “I honestly don’t have a problem with the construction. I know the outcome is going to be great so that’s what I keep in mind.”

The positive attitude that Sucharski has about the construction is the same one she has about most things as she can always be seen smiling and saying “hello” to students in the halls.

Overall, Ms. Sucharski should prove to be a great addition to the Cinnaminson High School staff, given her background and ability to relate to the demands and stresses of Cinnaminson’s students.