Thevanayagam Family: A Legacy in the Making


Nick Thevanayagam

Nick (10) and Dylan (5) Thevanayagam pose with their parents after a 35-0 win against Delran on Thanksgiving.

Michael Zelinka, News Editor

Working with family can sometimes make things more difficult, and anyone with a sibling can easily comprehend the term ‘sibling rivalry,’ In the case of senior Nick Thevanayagam and sophomore Dylan Thevanayagam, the tensions of rivalry help these two brothers to build off each other.

“Growing up we have always had healthy competition, and that translated on the football field in a positive way,” Nick continues, “We were both making each other better.”

Off the field Nick (#10) and Dylan (#5) get along great, but like any other family with more than one child, there are confrontations. “Of course me and Dylan bump heads, we argue just like any other siblings do,” Nick shares.

Nevertheless, football has bonded Dylan and Nick much closer than any other teammates. By discussing plays and strategy on a daily basis, and practicing together constantly, their chemistry together has grown.

“Football is a team game, [and] as teammates, we have been through a lot, and that has brought us closer,” Nick explains.

The competitive edge that comes from the natural desire to outdo one’s sibling helps for the two to succeed in what they do, especially when they do it together.

“Nick and I help each other grow because we are extremely competitive in everything we do together, and we push each other to be better,” Dylan supports.

The bond of brothers is not only strong between Nick and Dylan but strong throughout the whole team, which junior teammate Chris Stewart has noticed, “Nick is always a great player, not just in stats on the field, but off the field too. The Thevanayagam’s always willing to give anything for a team member and treats us all like family.”

Ever since Nick was six he has been playing football. Through hard work and dedication he has made it as high as you can go in high school football.

On December 10, 2014 Nick was honored with the Burlington County Times Offensive Player of the Year award. The all-star athlete very humbly accepted the award in light of his multitude of accomplishments.

The Burlington County Times said of Nick, “Leading his team to a 9-2 record, the Pirates quarterback ran for 987 yards and 22 touchdowns. He recorded 569 yards through the air to go along with seven touchdowns.”

Nick has also gone 23-8 as a starting QB, led CHS to their first nine win season since 2001, and has given them their second playoff win in 23 years. He has also had at least a total of 4,207 rushing yards according to

Originally a running back, this speed demon would have to adapt to the stationary role of quarterback. As a sophomore Nick was put in his current quarterback position; a perfect fit. Even as a young high school student, he had already established that he was a leader. This was presage to his role as captain the following year.

This opportunity that Nick had is what he wants for his brother, after all greatness is measured in talent, not age. Nick knows the potential that his brother has and wants him to be able to fully achieve it, which means that he may be a little harder on Dylan than he is on any other teammate. “I’m hard on him because I want him to be the best he possibly can,” Nick reasons.

Dylan is grateful for this extra push that Nick is always willing to give, and as seen for Nick, a lot of hard work goes a long way, “Nick has helped me a lot in football, especially since he got to CHS. He has had three great years here and he has always helped and supported me in everything I do,”  Nick finished.

Entering his junior year as captain of the team and starting quarterback, Nick gave Dylan quite a legend to live up to. However Dylan has always been up for the challenge, especially when it is against Nick.

Dylan began to play football at age five. He started the same year that Nick did and the two have played ever since. When Dylan entered CHS he saw his brother as the rest of the team did; as a role model.

“I was a captain already so the transition for the both of us went smoothly,” Nick said.  Here Nick refers to when Dylan came to the team as a freshman. Having a brother on the team did make playing a lot more fun, but it did not take away from the intensity or leadership that Nick embodied on the field.

As an incoming freshman at CHS Dylan was excited to play football alongside his brother once again, saying, “I was looking forward to getting to high school and playing with him [Nick]. Playing with him these past two years have been a blast,” Dylan reflects.

Dylan is not the only one that has appreciated the chance to play alongside Nick on the field, “It was an honor to play with Nick and catch his last high school career pass.” Shares junior teammate Paul Silver.

Currently Nick is not committed to one college in particular but is looking at a plethora of them, including Yale, Princeton, Penn, and Johns Hopkins.

Reflecting on his final year of football at CHS Nick feels that his experience with football has prepared him for the real world, “Football has taught me to be a man on and off the field. It showed me responsibility, confidence, hard work, and determination. It made me a better person off the field,” Nick said.

Next year will definitely be different without him as quarterback. However, there still will be a football-playing Thevanayagam in the system, and that is Dylan.

“I know that as a team we will work this offseason to make up for all that we will lose this year; we had great seniors,” Dylan stated.

Dylan Thevanayagam is currently a halfback and linebacker. He has rushed for roughly 561 yards and five touchdowns so far in his CHS career. His older brother Nick however has been preparing him to take his role as captain through the years by, “leading by example, [and] giving him advice whenever I can,” Nick explains.

In his final year, while reflecting on his CHS football memories Nick and summarizes his team up in one simple sentence, saying “Our house is competitive between us… but we all get along and love each other in the end.”