Black Panther Executed Beautifully and Borders on Perfection In Every Aspect

Courtesy of Marvel Universe
Chadwick Boseman stars as the Black Panther

Wayne Reynolds, Staff Writer

The movie Black Panther opens many doors for Marvel Studios, and for those who have seen this movie have no questions why. Civil War is where the audience got a teaser of Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther but this movie was the full introduction to the formal hero.

The cast was phenomenal. There are very few people that could have done the movie he justice it deserves. Chadwick Boseman was an outstanding Black Panther, almost born for the role similar to how Robert Downey Jr molded Iron Man to his own well being, and like Chris Evans taking on the mantle of Captain America, Chadwick Boseman is the Black Panther. Boseman’s portrayal of the cunning King of Wakanda were one of the highlights of the film, and his chemistry with actress Letitia Wright who plays Shuri, the sister of T’Challa the Black Panther, was executed beautifully. The relationship between those two were beautifully done that you would mistakenly think that they are actually brother and sister. Letitia played the beautiful, cheerful, yet intelligent and witty sister down to the bone; her presence alone gave the movie such a bright tone.

Danai Gurira played the fierce general of the Wakandan Okoyo with Lupita Nyong’O playing Nakia. Both actresses played their roles with grace and passion. Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman definitely played a comedy spectacle in the film but did a wonderful job not out shining the cast.

But the actor who was most the most surprising was definitely Michael B. Jordan. The main antagonist in the film and definitely one of the better actors in the entire hit. The man did not pay around, he stole the spotlight every single scene that he was in. He carried such weight and depth with his character and the energy and tone he had was such intimidating yet inspiring. His acting chops were tested in the role and the outcome was a success.

Throughout the movie you can tell the cast was had such high respect for each other. The chemistry portrayed in the cast and in the film is what help the movie so passionate and become a success.

The special effects was gorgeous, Marvel proves again that they have a handle in their editing, combining science fiction with reality. The landscaping was breathtaking, and handle so well that you would truly believe that you were at Wakanda. The architecture was built beautifully with an African influence with a contemporary twist. The Location scouts did an amazing job compared to Age of Ultron or other marvel films. The way the movie was filmed was nice and easy to follow, clear picture, no shaky cameras or complications. The costume designed was tastefully done, a nice mixed with traditional and modern clothing. But the plot was exhilarating to the bone and it was great pacing. This was something new and fresh being introduced to the marvel cinematic universe (MCU). It’s not a political movie, but it does have a strong message that is woven into the plot with grace and care, not just thrown into your face.

The movie overall was fantastic, It was enjoyable, hit all the right comedy notes, and had dire situations that had me at the edge of my sit. Black Panther is definitely a win.